One of my commitments to the creativity circle is to do yoga while on this tour at least three times a week. Because of the nature of touring on two RV’s with 13 people, this becomes slightly challenging.

It leaves me doing yoga in tight hallways, and at random spots such as the parking lot of the auto shop where we got the big RV patched back together while listening to Japanese pop music, watching the sunset with my hair blowing in the wind.

I’m thankful that my commitment has been stronger than the inconvenience.


Tour begins

We are traveling in two RV’s – one 36 feet and one 40 feet. The 40 foot RV is pulling a trailer. I’m on the smaller one.  And typing.

I won’t be able to post this until later, but I generally don’t travel with a computer and I am generally not riding in the back of an RV going 70mph so just for the novelty, I thought it would be fun to jot down some thoughts. It’s a curious thing to drive cross country to play music – a huge game of “hurry up and wait.”

Our first show is tomorrow. Today we just have to drive a few hours. And get the big RV checked out, seems like there is a diesel fume leak. Yuk.

We are in Missouri; made it through Kansas yesterday. Missouri looks a lot like Kansas, a lot like the plains of Colorado. More trees, a few more houses by the highway. From my journal yesterday:  Windy in Kansas. Sky blue with wisps of clouds. Horizon hazy. Out the window: oil rig, corn field, round bales, green. Brown. More oil rigs. Trees on a fence-line. Dirt road. Low rolling hills. Grain silo.  Wind farm.

And then I am distracted by M and B joining David and I in the back of the RV with violin and guitar. Time to grab a frame drum and play a bit of music. “Like the grandparent’s in Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.”

Insert musical interlude.

Now off the highway, so actually a bit more bouncing and bobbling of the RV. I’m hungry for something, probably my cat and time alone on the earth. Instead I reach for a clementine.

Insert travel time.

Now we are at the hotel in Lebanon, Missouri – where our first show will be tomorrow night. Our first internet access since we left home, everyone on the bus has their media devices out and are plugging into the world wide web; what a strange world. Hello out there!