This weekend I saw something that I hadn’t really seen before – a pinecone being formed and it looked like the tree turned from branch to pinecone in a switch at the last minute.

Here:spruce cone

It turns out that not all coniferous trees do this, but it is a Spruce thing. cool.

I’m sure there is a deep hidden meaning here, but I need to go make dinner, so if you could fill it in, that’d be great.


a photo or two

I’m ordering a few photos the hard-copy, old-fashioned way – on my computer.

So I thought I would share a few with you, which is not old-fashioned.

David and I are getting ready to go on tour with FEAST. We have suitcases in the living room and I am about to print a copy of a new song for the program. My red dress is at the dry cleaners and I have set up subs for my creative writing class. Ready, set, zoom. . .