so I’m convinced that I’m trying to learn something about asking the universe for things (manifestation, but that’s a charged word these days).

we needed carpet for the remodel. we put an ad in the paper. we go to pick up carpet number 1 which is very close to what I was imagining – after loading the carpet – the guy says, oh – by the way, I want $25 for it. I was startled and paid him, even though I didn’t really want to.

carpet #2 calls – I ask – and yes he wants money and even though it’s not exactly the color I was envisioning and it costs money – we decide to go for it, because at least then it will be over. we now have exactly as much carpet as we need.

carpet #3 calls – it’s exactly the color that I was envisioning and it’s free. so I get it. and now I have a bit of extra carpet, plus the carpet that I really want.

the moral of this story?



there are several.

1) ask if the person offering carpet wants to sell it or is giving it away

2) don’t settle for less than what you really want, because with a bit of persistence you can actually have what you really want.

or) you can have what you really want only after you stop looking

or) too much carpet is better than too little carpet, because now I get to be generous – and I get to carpet the basement and David can cut it the perfect size and use it as a drum rug and why not?

or). . . ..  . . . .fill in the blank