here we are


a little glimpse

Hello again, I see that the blogging habit did not stick the last time that it circled back around, though it is often in my thoughts.

Lately I’ve been busy being mama, and playing music. Mostly they work really well together. It feels more graceful now that the little one’s just a little bigger. This past weekend for Harvest Festival the little ones grandparents, uncle, and aunt worked magic for me to be able to play a three hour gig (and help load and unload and teach workshops). Gratitude. Here we are:Marimba Project

Today I’ve been antsy with “the list” and trying to get little bits done here and there as well as being present for the making of a pile of red, yellow, and green leaves on the bench.

I just pulled the latest pickles into the fridge and they’re working!


Fresh pickling cucumbers – unwashed – straight from the garden (this is important because the skin has some of the bacteria needed for fermentation)

brine – 1 gallon of water to 1 cup salt – boil the water, add the salt, let cool before pouring on

spices – as desired – fresh dill, pickling spice, whole peeled garlic cloves, whole peppercorns

a couple of grape leaves (for crunch)

a jar

3-14 days

tuck the final cuke under the edge of the jar so it can’t stick out. Then I cover with a plastic bag stuck into the water to create a seal and lightly cap with a lid. store out of the sun in a place where they will go undisturbed but remembered. 7 days has been working nicely for me – a cool spot in summer, a warmer spot in the winter – as stable as possible

skim off scum and refrigerate.



A couple of links for you.

Here is a link from a former teacher of mine about healing collective trauma. Directly written about the Colorado flooding, but applicable everywhere:


And here is a link for 6 ways to help bust biotech:


And here is a link asking Governor Hickenlooper to put a moratorium on fracking:


And here is a photo of some Aspen Boletes in the wild. There seems to be some people who don’t digest them well, but we didn’t know that when we started eating them, and if you’ve been able to eat them, then it seems you won’t develop trouble later. Not quite as yummy as King Boletes, but still pretty tasty. It’s been a good year for mushrooms and I have so much gratitude for them.







update from my world

hello there.

Well, the pickling went well. They are now ready and tasty. It’s time to get the pickles out of the crock and put in some kimchi.

-daikon radish
-hot peppers
-salt and pressure + time = kimchi (or, since it’s not fully traditional, I’ve heard it called kimchi-kraut). If you’re feeling more traditional:


This weekend we went out for a quick visit to the woods:

DSCN1029 nourishing!

Today, I’m feeling thankful for the rain. It means that instead of rushing around this morning before work to water everything by hand, I dug a bit, prepping a lettuce bed that I’ll plant for fall lettuce tonight or tomorrow. And then I had tea.


And now for more food preserving. Tomato sauce this evening and maybe another round in the dehydrator (it heats the house and preserves our food at the same time, what fun : )

website up!

I’m very excited to announce that the website is up and running.

Many thanks to my big brother Aaron who tirelessly worked to get it up! You can visit him here:


In the garden the St. John’s Wort is flowering, the mullein is flowering, the Nan King Cherries are ripe, the mulberries are being eaten by the birds faster than I can snack on them, we got to eat zucchini fresh from the garden (yay for the wonders of cold-frames) for breakfast, and our black cat is shedding like mad. Life is good.DSCN6701DSCN6675


One of my commitments to the creativity circle is to do yoga while on this tour at least three times a week. Because of the nature of touring on two RV’s with 13 people, this becomes slightly challenging.

It leaves me doing yoga in tight hallways, and at random spots such as the parking lot of the auto shop where we got the big RV patched back together while listening to Japanese pop music, watching the sunset with my hair blowing in the wind.

I’m thankful that my commitment has been stronger than the inconvenience.

a photo or two

I’m ordering a few photos the hard-copy, old-fashioned way – on my computer.

So I thought I would share a few with you, which is not old-fashioned.

David and I are getting ready to go on tour with FEAST. We have suitcases in the living room and I am about to print a copy of a new song for the program. My red dress is at the dry cleaners and I have set up subs for my creative writing class. Ready, set, zoom. . .

winter here

it is winter here in Colorado.

happy winter!

the dark night

dark night



dark night

not to be missed

we so look forward to celebrating with you on the day before the solstice – the darkest of nights – on a full moon in December.

a multi-media experience with live music, stories, slide show, lights and dj dance set to end the night.

we recommend getting your tickets in advance. . .

check out the collaborators websites:

Craig Childs

Dj Smyth

Sticky Mulligan

Aaron Jerad

Russ Chapman











and here is a picture of our set-up the last time we performed with Craig, in Moab:

percussion toys

Arlyn and David

on the road

it was a fun and exciting weekend to be on the road with David and the Mientka’s for the holiday show last weekend.

backstage in Montrose

make the season bright

such talent

I learned so much by getting to play the auxiliary percussion line.

for my next trick. . . . .