This summer has cruised by at a remarkable rate – though I feel like I’ve been more present for the individual moments more than at other points in my life.

It is incredible to watch a new being explore this world. From eyes and ears and nose, now everything is being explored by hands and mouth. He got to sit in his new high-chair today and gum some cucumber rings. AC flings himself forward from my lap trusting that he’ll be safe.

He doesn’t know about winter coming and I’m thankful for the bag of clothes that arrived yesterday with some good winter gear for him.

It’s curious to want to write about what this is to become a mother but also the feeling of holding it close, like a secret that I’m not quite ready to share with the world. Plus, my mind is fuzzy from the interrupted sleep which makes it trickier to feel like I’m making sense. I’ve been reading books about other mothers, and it’s good to hear stories, it makes me want to write, but also not sure how it would feel to be the child or husband to the storyteller as the stories go out into the world. We’ll see what balance I find.



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