what am I doing? and why would you care?

It was the question that led me to grab my computer and bring it across the street to my parent’s house to link up to the wonderful world of the internet. Email and Facebook are easy solutions to the question until it is cool enough to go back outside and plant the blackberries that really need to get into the ground.

I just started to read “Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet” by Alisa Smith, J.B. Mackinnon. I sense a theme in my reading choices though not in all my eating choices. The non-local joy of the month is coconut! The local joy of the month is lettuce and arugula and eggs and last year’s frozen peaches.

What am I doing? And why would you care? I’m not sure about the caring part. It’s a question that keeps coming up around this compulsion to blog and I have no good answers. When I teach creative writing, I tell the students that no one else lives their life or thinks their thoughts and so capturing them is a good and useful past-time. Maybe that’s enough. I like to hear other people’s versions of reality, so might as well share my own. . .

As for the what am I doing – today, I watered the garden and weeded the lettuce and thinned the arugula and ate a lovely local breakfast (eggs, kale, bread baked locally – though not grown here). I’ve sketched and washed a lot of dishes. I put a batch of Téj (Ethiopian honey-wine) in to ferment and have a batch of kombucha cooling on the stove. I napped – always a worthy past-time if you ask me and now internetting.

And still the question, what am I doing? The answer is presented by my mother, go and see the new born chicken. Freshly hatched today. Yes. Cute. Very cute and wobbly. Black on top and yellow underneath.

At the cranio-sacral session I had last week, her recommendation was to rest into beingness as often as possible for as long as possible. Easier to check my email. My father recommends: http://www.kinslowsystem.com/downloads.html  but I haven’t made the time to check it out.

Right now in the garden it is time for harvesting red clover blossoms and alfalfa. Both have lots of good vitamins and minerals to offer. Pick and dry on a screen in a dark dry place and then infuse with boiling water for 8 hours for full minerals.


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