communication with nature

Communication implies an exchange of information, thoughts, ideas, feelings. It is not just me informing the kale I am going to harvest, it is waiting until I get a sense that it’s okay before I begin.Sometimes I take the time, sometimes not. I like the experience and myself better when I do.

Do I believe communication is possible, yes. Do I get clear, long treatise from my peach tree, no. But some people have reports of doing so, such as Machelle Small Wright in “Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered”.

In “The Deva Handbook,” author Nathaniel Altman says this, “Developing our five acknowledged senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – is essential if we yearn to commune with nature’s subtle forces. It is not unlike needing to have a sensitive antenna and other electrical equipment if we want to receive television transmissions. If the station emits a given frequency, our antenna needs to resonate with this frequency or our television set will be blank. By the same token, sensitivity is necessary for us to resonate with the energies transmitted by the members of the subtle realms.”

If you’d like to try communicating with nature you can start with a tree or place you love or a dandelion. Alicia, my herbal studies teacher, recommends dandelions because they are friendly and will be happy to introduce you to their friends.  If you happen to be in the woods in the fall, I just heard a recommendation to begin the conversations with the amanitas (don’t eat them unless you know what you’re doing). They can help point you towards the tasty edible mushrooms.

I just finished reading “Talking with Nature” by Michael J. Roads. A story about the author’s journey into communication with the larger world around him.

At first he expresses his confusion and doubt about the conversation he is having with the natural world. Then, as he opens to the experience, he expresses this, “If this is an illusion I am experiencing with Nature, if it is all imagination – then it’s okay. I like it. Who can make me a better offer? Polluted food and air? Is that better? To maintain a belief in death, fear, greed? Are they better? A dogmatic religion with a judgmental God? Is that better? My experience is uplifting, expanding, loving, creative, intelligent. Who can offer me a better reality or illusion? If I feel a great love toward Nature, and I feel love radiating to me from Nature, who has a better illusion to offer? If I feel compassion and love for humanity, if I am happy doing exactly what I want to do, who can offer me more than this?”


This weekend at Mill Lake in Fossil Ridge Wilderness, I asked for wisdom/messages from Nature. The reply was – “What you seek cannot be given in words – receive THIS offering (indicating the wholeness of the moment).” Peace. Stillness. Choicelessness.


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