Well dearies,

say an extra prayer and check your car keys before you lock your door, it seems to be that sort of a day. Just a little bit cosmically fuzzy.

At least for my family, and as soon as it hits more than just me, it makes me think it’s a larger pattern.

So, here’s a prayer for simple living. Here’s a prayer to deep breaths that help us stay centered. Here’s a prayer to the glory of the sun and the beauty of the sky and the complexity of the larger cosmos.

And a quote from Rob Brezsny (it’s Taurus’s astrology reading, but I think it is appropriate all around): In *The Book of the Damned,* Charles Fort revealed one of the secrets of power. He said that if you want power over something, you should be more real than it. What does that mean? How do you become real in the first place, and how do you get even more real? Here’s what I think: Purge your hypocrisies and tell as few lies as possible. Find out what your deepest self is like — not just what your ego is like — and be your deepest self with vigorous rigor. Make sure that the face you show the world is an accurate representation of what’s going on in your inner world. If you do all that good stuff, you will eventually be as real and as powerful as you need to be.


So, here’s to realness!!! More real than fuzzy communication. More real than car trouble. More real than forgetting things.



spring 2012 take 2 1163


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