A whisper and a murmur,

a shuffle and a clank

the muffled shwoof of a door being opened.

A breath slowly taken and released.

I want a word for the way my heart feels when

it is filled with love

and also touched deeply by the sorrows of the world

and what I view as short-sightedness.

I want a word to describe the very particular way

that spring has overwhelmed me;

possibility and wanting to get it right – planting and watering.

Did I miss the time to transplant that “what-kind-of-bush?”

from the middle of my medicinal herbs?

And there are 24 baby pine trees in the root cellar that need homes in the earth

and more trees on their way to us.

Here we have truth

and here we have the nuances of color that are

the greens of lambs quarter and dandelion in our salad.

I offer a yowl for the spring.

A yowl for the soulfulness of April.

view nutritional info on Lambs Quarter here: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/vegetables-and-vegetable-products/2469/2


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