It is the seventh of April and the apricots are blooming! So is the forsythia and the violets and the dandelions have started. I remember one year when my brother went through the yard and beheaded all the dandelions for a perfectly green effect and we were pleased. Now, we’re all planting dandelions like mad and turning the lawn into an orchard.

I’m happy to announce that several Living Rhythm flower essence blends are now available at the Trading Post. It feels very exciting to be able to share these essences in this way. I went through a period of doubt with the essences and thought to myself, “isn’t the real thing better?” After a season of reflection my answer is: “yes, if you have the opportunity to fill your senses with apricot blossoms and let the essence of that seep into your soul, by all means, YES! Fresh seasonal food is generally better than preserved. Eat dandelion blossoms, turn them into wine, let your home be an altar to forsythia. Eat clover, brew it into tea, bathe in it. And, there is still a place for the preserved essence.” There are times when you don’t have access to the flowers, here in Colorado it’s called winter. Daffodils only bloom for a minute in the spring (and aren’t they are glorious right now). Also, for me, oftentimes it’s at inconvenient moments that I need the flowers: in the airport, in the car, at work, in the middle of a concert, and in those moments a couple of drops under the tongue of the essence can be very helpful. And so that’s why I’m putting them out into the world, to serve our health and evolution.

So, here’s to the healing power of flowers. Here’s to breathing them in and letting them serve your nervous system and your electrical system. Here’s to the healing power of nature and to our ever greater ability, as a culture, to allow nature to inform us as we move through the world.


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