yay for spring!


’tis the season for dandelion eating!  I saw my first blossom yesterday in the garden. The roots are great and so are the leaves and so are the blossoms. What an amazing plant, no wonder folks brought it with them when they settled from Europe.  I’m enjoying my roasted dandelion root tea (with chicory and a touch of burdock) with a touch honey and coconut milk.

In other garden news, yesterday in herb class we steeped fresh horehound leaves in honey and in six weeks we’ll have a great remedy for the lungs; it’s also just a good blood cleanser for this modern lifestyle.

I’ve been watering my carrot seeds twice a day so they don’t dry out, but no germination yet. I think there must be something to the “watched pot never boils.” Right after I planted our cold-frame (basically a little glass box mini-greenhouse) we went out of town and when I came back, the plants were up. Now is the time for thinning in the cold-frame and I can’t say I’m the best at it. I want to leave all the plants to get big, but it just doesn’t work like that. I go back and forth between carefully selecting which plant to pull and indiscriminately taking my scissors out to harvest a little salad.

I’m ready for the deer to stop tromping through the garden, but they haven’t fully moved up into the hills yet. So, no tulips for me, yet again. It’s actually become humorous to watch them grow and be mown down in the night. I’m glad the deer left me some crocus blossoms to enjoy; I’ve been eating out in the garden and marveling at their perfect purple and white forms.

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