well, I’m back from the tour and all I can think about is the garden.

we’ve been out daily picking up the winter trash that is now revealed (where does it all come from?) moving rocks, adding compost and putting in seeds. Today I put in some carrot rows with lettuce in between and am debating using row cover or just diligently keep them watered.

mmmmmmm. . . . .

I’ve been taking herbalism classes this year and am in LOVE with the medicinal herbs. What bounty. What resources. What healing! Yay Alicia for sharing her knowledge with this community.

Right now it is the season for dandelion root and greens as well as chicory root and greens. Dig the roots, wash them, roast them gently in the oven and make a tea that you can use as coffee replacement (yes, it’s a little bit bitter). Use the little green leaves in salads. Yes, they’re a little bitter too but that is where some of the medicine comes from – this helps clear out any winter stagnation and prepare the body for spring and summer!

I’m also in love with St. John’s Wort oil right now. It’s great to rub into your skin for muscle aches and it helps restore damaged nerves. You can find out more here. Last year Garden Planet, in Paonia, CO sold some great starts and I’m hoping to find it (and other great herbs) there again this year.

Equinox is nearly here and I’m excited to see how it will change things as we tip towards the sun.


One thought on “garden

  1. Thank you Arlyn. I am glad you are back and glad to have you sharing about gardening…it motivates me to set aside a space of time to be out there and putting in some precious seeds.
    May you be well.

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