I’m wanting to capture some of the quotes from this trip, but I keep missing them, not having something to write with right on hand. And some of the ones I do remember are not nearly as funny out of context.

Friday night’s show went well.

We had in-ear monitors for the first time and some people loved it and some people are still figuring it out. But the lights looked great and the technical difficulties were minimal and I only got completely lost on one song, so just stood there with my sticks looking at my music, which is not unlike what I do when I know what I’m doing and have tacit written in my part (good vocab word: silent, saying nothing).

One of the sound guys loaned me a tuner for the tympani and it made a huge difference in my night. Confidence boosting to know that those drums are actually in tune.

David’s leopard skin print kit is a lot of fun, so much that I’ll put a picture for you here. . .

We are in Missouri, waiting to see if we have to go to Iowa to get a part to fix the big RV. . . Looks like it. Sigh. A couple of hours out of the way. At 5 miles per gallon (each). Rock and roll. Or Celtic/Classical/Fusion as the case may be.

80’s music on the radio. Boredom starting to kick in. Luckily we have three days before our next show, so we do have time to get this fixed.

Pensive is the word of the day. Dreamily or wistfully thoughtful.

My eyes are a bit squinchy. I think it’s the side effects of eye makeup and not quite enough sleep. I envy the folks that can sleep through pulling the sides of the RV in and driving down the road. I tend to wake easily, even if not gracefully.

It’s nice to see so much green here. The trees are starting to change colors but the grass is green and squishy. This summer and fall have been so dry in Colorado, it’s scary. I’m hoping for some moisture this winter (but not at an inconvenient time.)

We’re crossing the Missouri river. A flock of birds to the left. The sun beginning to set behind us.

I’m not convinced that I’m made for this touring thing, but seem to be holding up so far. It is such a test of one’s ability to be in the moment and not take anything personally; take care of yourself and go with the flow. And get used to being on someone else’s time-frame with a lot of people. I’m thankful that I like these people. And no way that I would be here without David (on a lot of different levels).


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