on the road



David is working on putting together pizza for lunch.

Proposed departure time 1 hour. Likelyhood?  Small if I keep typing instead of helping pack the car 🙂
It is such a beautiful day today, all blue and warm and golden. November 6. Election day.  We’ve been having calls off the hook for the past week +. I’ll be glad when the decision is made.


Excited to be working on creative projects in tandem with this tour. I’ve been journaling every day and really enjoying the vessel that it is. And sketching. And trying to get into a regular yoga practice again. And practicing the drums – para-diddle, para-diddle. And writing so that other folks can read what passes through my brain.

Chirp of a bird, hum of a fan, wind in grass and trees.

Soon we go, adventure to change us. Continually unfolding.


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