home again

I breathe a sigh of relief as we pull back in to the North Fork Valley in the beautiful Colorado. David says that he glimpsed a sense of how thoroughly it must feel like home to me to arrive back in the valley – we live across the street from the home that I lived in since I was two. He wouldn’t be able to find the house in New Orleans that he lived in at the age of two. Often I take it for granted, but today it all feels fresh. These mountains. This air. Yay!

It is surprisingly warm here and even the layer of dirt on the floor all through our house cannot stifle my enthusiasm at being home.

And so good to see our little black cat again.

a photo from is fall.

Interesting though to see the “list of things to do” rise up and claim attention after being unable to control things for the past three weeks, there are a number of things on the list. But so far, I can still feel the fun in it, it is what I choose to do with my time, after all. So, laundry never was so much fun – because it is in my washing machine and I get to hang it out to dry in the Colorado sun!

However, the lease/sale is back on the table, so it looks like we have to rally to preserve this valley and the way of life that I so love. Please take a minute and sign this petition. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/withdraw-blm-oilgas-leases-colorados-premier-organic-farming-region-and-update-blms-25-year-old-land/cFjBGbDM

There are plenty of places in the world where humans have already destroyed the natural beauty and environment, I’d rather not add this one to the list.


One of my commitments to the creativity circle is to do yoga while on this tour at least three times a week. Because of the nature of touring on two RV’s with 13 people, this becomes slightly challenging.

It leaves me doing yoga in tight hallways, and at random spots such as the parking lot of the auto shop where we got the big RV patched back together while listening to Japanese pop music, watching the sunset with my hair blowing in the wind.

I’m thankful that my commitment has been stronger than the inconvenience.

two shows down

yesterday: drive 6 hours from Minnesota to Nebraska.

Topics on the bus – side projects and getting the FEAST facebook page more traffic, and a lot of stream of consciousness talking that sounds like this, “lots of turbines out here. Shut up! Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long. I’ve gotta, I’ve gotta pocketful of sunshine. We are a wolf. Real awesome. No hackysacking in the RV. We should just grab a chart and do it.”

Tuesday’s show went well, especially the second act. There were 16,000 seats sold. I think the biggest venue I’ve ever played in. We got new crash cymbals and they are super shiny and bright – symphonic crashes instead of marching crashes. Yee-haw.

I didn’t get enough sleep. The allure of the group – must stay up, hang out and eat popcorn – even though we’re spending 24/7 together. Soon it will be naptime.

Schedule for the next two days:
Nov. 15, 7:30 PM: Columbus, Nebraska; High School, Nantkes PAC
Nov. 16, 7:30 PM: Grand Island, Nebraska; High School Aud.

It will be nice to play some more music.


I’m wanting to capture some of the quotes from this trip, but I keep missing them, not having something to write with right on hand. And some of the ones I do remember are not nearly as funny out of context.

Friday night’s show went well.

We had in-ear monitors for the first time and some people loved it and some people are still figuring it out. But the lights looked great and the technical difficulties were minimal and I only got completely lost on one song, so just stood there with my sticks looking at my music, which is not unlike what I do when I know what I’m doing and have tacit written in my part (good vocab word: silent, saying nothing).

One of the sound guys loaned me a tuner for the tympani and it made a huge difference in my night. Confidence boosting to know that those drums are actually in tune.

David’s leopard skin print kit is a lot of fun, so much that I’ll put a picture for you here. . .

We are in Missouri, waiting to see if we have to go to Iowa to get a part to fix the big RV. . . Looks like it. Sigh. A couple of hours out of the way. At 5 miles per gallon (each). Rock and roll. Or Celtic/Classical/Fusion as the case may be.

80’s music on the radio. Boredom starting to kick in. Luckily we have three days before our next show, so we do have time to get this fixed.

Pensive is the word of the day. Dreamily or wistfully thoughtful.

My eyes are a bit squinchy. I think it’s the side effects of eye makeup and not quite enough sleep. I envy the folks that can sleep through pulling the sides of the RV in and driving down the road. I tend to wake easily, even if not gracefully.

It’s nice to see so much green here. The trees are starting to change colors but the grass is green and squishy. This summer and fall have been so dry in Colorado, it’s scary. I’m hoping for some moisture this winter (but not at an inconvenient time.)

We’re crossing the Missouri river. A flock of birds to the left. The sun beginning to set behind us.

I’m not convinced that I’m made for this touring thing, but seem to be holding up so far. It is such a test of one’s ability to be in the moment and not take anything personally; take care of yourself and go with the flow. And get used to being on someone else’s time-frame with a lot of people. I’m thankful that I like these people. And no way that I would be here without David (on a lot of different levels).

Tour begins

We are traveling in two RV’s – one 36 feet and one 40 feet. The 40 foot RV is pulling a trailer. I’m on the smaller one.  And typing.

I won’t be able to post this until later, but I generally don’t travel with a computer and I am generally not riding in the back of an RV going 70mph so just for the novelty, I thought it would be fun to jot down some thoughts. It’s a curious thing to drive cross country to play music – a huge game of “hurry up and wait.”

Our first show is tomorrow. Today we just have to drive a few hours. And get the big RV checked out, seems like there is a diesel fume leak. Yuk.

We are in Missouri; made it through Kansas yesterday. Missouri looks a lot like Kansas, a lot like the plains of Colorado. More trees, a few more houses by the highway. From my journal yesterday:  Windy in Kansas. Sky blue with wisps of clouds. Horizon hazy. Out the window: oil rig, corn field, round bales, green. Brown. More oil rigs. Trees on a fence-line. Dirt road. Low rolling hills. Grain silo.  Wind farm.

And then I am distracted by M and B joining David and I in the back of the RV with violin and guitar. Time to grab a frame drum and play a bit of music. “Like the grandparent’s in Willa Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.”

Insert musical interlude.

Now off the highway, so actually a bit more bouncing and bobbling of the RV. I’m hungry for something, probably my cat and time alone on the earth. Instead I reach for a clementine.

Insert travel time.

Now we are at the hotel in Lebanon, Missouri – where our first show will be tomorrow night. Our first internet access since we left home, everyone on the bus has their media devices out and are plugging into the world wide web; what a strange world. Hello out there!

on the road



David is working on putting together pizza for lunch.

Proposed departure time 1 hour. Likelyhood?  Small if I keep typing instead of helping pack the car 🙂
It is such a beautiful day today, all blue and warm and golden. November 6. Election day.  We’ve been having calls off the hook for the past week +. I’ll be glad when the decision is made.


Excited to be working on creative projects in tandem with this tour. I’ve been journaling every day and really enjoying the vessel that it is. And sketching. And trying to get into a regular yoga practice again. And practicing the drums – para-diddle, para-diddle. And writing so that other folks can read what passes through my brain.

Chirp of a bird, hum of a fan, wind in grass and trees.

Soon we go, adventure to change us. Continually unfolding.

blog, blog, blog, blog

sung to the Nickelodeon tune, “log”.

another beautiful day in Colorado. It’s stunning to hold all the destruction on the planet at the same time as all the beauty. Some days I do better than others.

Yesterday we took a few pictures and I thought I might share a few.

snapshot of this life in words

yesterday I joined a creativity circle with the goal being to help keep one another on track with our creative projects.

One of my goals is to blog twice a week, so here we go. . .

. . . . still going.

Ah, okay.

I’m sitting outside of my brother’s house with the new chickens. They are very good natured, quiet chickens, they are scratching and eating their last bit of dinner before bed-time. My mom described them as khafa chickens from the Ayurvedic system of body types. Which is to say that they are a little bit heavier and slower moving than the chickens at my house.

Now they climb into their hut and sit on their roosts and my mom comes to lock them in for the evening.

My husband (I’m still getting used to the term) and my brother just came home from picking up a used hot water heater – we’re looking for them to make solar hot water heaters. If you have one, we’ll take it, but no holes please.

The sun has just passed below the horizon and I can feel the chill beginning in my fingers and hope to be done blogging before it reaches my nose and toes.

I just had a request for a video of FEAST to send to some friends, so I thought I might post it here too. We leave for tour next Tuesday, alas we will not have a harpist – but I’ll be playing crash cymbals and other auxiliary percussion, which is lots of fun for me. Please tell your friends.

NOVEMBER 2012: “Celtic Music from the Rocky Mountains”
Nov. 9, 7:00 PM: Lebanon, Missouri; Kenneth E. Cowan Civic Center
Nov. 13, 7:00 PM: Austin, Minnesota; High School, RL Knowlton Aud.
Nov. 15, 7:30 PM: Columbus, Nebraska; High School, Nantkes PAC
Nov. 16, 7:30 PM: Grand Island, Nebraska; High School Aud.
Nov. 18, 3:00 PM: Colby, Kansas (matinee); Oakley HighSchool Aud.
Nov. 19, 7:00 PM: Raton, New Mexico (“Irish Thunder”); Shuler Theater
Nov. 20, 7:30 PM: Cheyenne, Wyoming; Central High School Aud.

I hear a cow in the distance, my mom’s cat claws at some cut apple wood, a crow caws, I hear voices in the distance, a chainsaw at my house (we picked up slab ends today) and I am so thankful for this beautiful valley that I live in. What a gift this sweet life is. I send my prayers to those living with the aftermath of the storm on the east coast.