It is hard for me to believe that my last post was a full month ago. So much for the blogging every week thing, huh?

I will justify myself as such

1) I’ve been very busy – teaching, writing, playing music, hosting my in-laws for a 9 day visit.

2) I’ve been writing a lot, I just haven’t been blogging.

3) Our internet connection is way better on the front porch than in our house (thank you to my parents for letting us use their internet) and a lot of times when I think about blogging, I don’t want to go outside.

4) no good excuse but I’m still not really sure what I want to do with this blog.

5) I accidentally sat on my cat and he ran away and got himself bit and I’ve been tending to him (not a good excuse since it’s really only taking a few minutes a day to put comfrey leaves in his wet cat food).

So there.

From my writing practice this morning –

“What I really want to say is not there when I turn my consciousness towards it. It blew out with the dried leaves and the wind. What I really want to say is lurking in the synapses of my brain.”



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