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New goal: minimum of one blog post per week.

School has started and I have a new class of creative writing through NF Vision, the group is still forming. This is my version of yesterday’s writing practice. . .


I have to listen beneath the human sounds, but the natural world is still here. I’m sure that this applies to me as well. The animal nature of hunger and the need for sleep. The things that inexplicably I like or would rather avoid – is that a human tendency or an animal one?

A small black spider comes into focus. It is sitting on a piece of gravel – catching my eye with its movement. I wonder if it can feel me notice it – if that makes it nervous? Attention soothes my cat – he doesn’t like to be in the house by himself and likes a good pet before he crunches on his cat-food. He is tamed from the feral cat his mother was.

I will not tame the spider. I’m surprised by a jump maybe five times the length of his body and it doesn’t even look like it took any effort. A fly lands on my bag, it feels less wild than the spider, perception is a curious thing.

The poorly orchestrated cacophony of birds is audible if you listen beneath the tread of tires. It’s as if they are a middle school band with new instruments. There is a wild beauty in the sound, but it is not human music.


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