goodbye to the peaches

Ahh. The dangers of gardening in Colorado.  I went away last weekend and returned to the news that it had gotten cold two nights in a row and all the peach blossoms had frozen, so we will not be having peaches this year at home. Sigh. It has been two years now since they dripped from the trees and totally overwhelmed me with the fruit flies and rot. I was ready to try again this year, but will have to wait. I’m not sure if the frost got the apricots – but there should still be pears and at least a few apples.

Today is grey and the list of things to do is long. We’ll see if I can motivate, I’ve been doing a remarkably good job of taking this spring break time to play. Yesterday it was a lady’s trip to thrift stores and Orvis hotsprings. Yum.

This high-desert gardening thing has the added insecurity of being dependent on irrigation water. It should be turned on today and reach our house by tomorrow or Saturday. I’m ready for the water, but it is such a reminder that we haven’t fully reached sustainability here. I am waiting to plant more than just a few beds of greens until the water arrives.

Several days ago I received the guidance to meditate and sit with my complete and utter dependance on the earth. It is a relationship that I often take for granted, especially when my food comes from the grocery store and not always from the back yard. I honor this connection. I bow to the earth. I bow to this body. I bow again to the earth.


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