collage of thoughts

I got distracted from blogging for a few days by:

1) sewing felted wool hats out of recycled sweaters (check out “Handmade Home” by Amanda Blake Soule, “The Sweater Chop Shop” by Crispina ffrench and “Felt it! Stitch It! Fabulous” by Katheryn Bieber)
2) reading “Slow Love” by Dominique Brown and “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell
3) playing music and teaching drum class on Tuesday (yay for frame drumming – it was really fun to share this instrument with folks)
4) my little black cat who likes to roll in the dirt (he’s just a scapegoat)

I’ve been having a lot of middle-of-the-night thinking. Not sure why, but sleep has been slippery around 4am for a week or so. Last night in my sleeplessness, I decided that what my creative writing class needed (and the whole school) and possibly the whole town – was diversity training. Because it can be a tricky thing entering the world after spending one’s life in such an isolated bubble that small-town Colorado presents. But I don’t feel qualified. I’m such a product of this environment, having lived here most of my life. . . but I could at least present masculinity and femininity on a sliding scale vs. a cut and dry line that some folks might view male and female and start there and see about getting backup.

In the news that I find baffling category: we would rather pump water into the earth to get out natural gas, than to find sustainable ways to create energy and keep our water for local food. Sigh. I do not get this species. And it saddens me. “Really?” I say, perplexed. And write another letter and sign another petition.


My little sproutlets are finding their way to the sun mixed in with about a million weedy sprouts. So it goes. Baby lettuce is so infinitely small, it always blows me away when things grow. While I spent a lot of time around gardens and growing things when I was little, it’s only been in the last three years that I have claimed gardening as a skill. I’m loving it. Very happy to have parsley, dill, cilantro, and kale in the cold-frame and more fresh greens on their way. It’s springtime.

Now in bloom:
tulip tree
and a few snapdragons are about to bloom in my cold-frame
and the asparagus is up and going (even if a bit slowly). yum.


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