right now

In writing class we often do the Natalie Goldberg practice of “wild writing”. Setting the timer and seeing what comes out. So here’s my – “right now” for you in 8 minutes (and a couple more minutes for grammatical and clarity edits).

Right now I’m listening to reggae music, I can still taste the chocolate chip cookie in my mouth. There is a gentle breeze coming in through the open door and I can see the forsythia through the window to my left. Yellow flowers on messy branches. Landsend mountain sits behind the gently waving branches and the snow is melting daily. Like a blanket being unraveled one stitch at a time.

This morning I dug in the dirt and ate three stalks of asparagus. Yum. And had greens from the cold frame in my scrambled eggs for breakfast. This is the good life. I hear that sulfur is important to your health and that food loses sulfur in three days when you pick it = grow your own if you can.

I’m going to plant broccoli, turnips and radishes in the bed that I prepared. I knew that a warm spring was dangerous – I could totally plant more than I want to hand-water fairly quickly. So far I have four beds that I’m watering – though my cold frame is being taken over by snap-dragons. It’s a curious problem. I think I’m okay with it, but the parsley is yummy. .. .

A deep breath. And another. That was only 5 minutes.

Last night was the first night in a week or so that I wasn’t kept up by intense dreams or mind chatter or whatever it is that keeps one up in the night. Good sleep + connection + chanting makes such a difference to my well being. I’m thankful to have resources.

I have a trio of little red scratches on my arm where I wrestled a piece of metal screen this morning trying to sift my compost.

So blessed to have a day dedicated to tending to my body, mind, soul, and home.


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