I notice that I and we collectively have a strong
habit of rejecting our experience.

But sometimes, that resistance is good and clear information indicating a need for change.
and I’m breathing through it
because today
there is resistance
and without a story
it is just sensation.
The feeling of my soul catching and
dragging a bit on the movement through space and time.
and where is the line between
teaching our children good and useful things that will benefit their future
and dragging their minds, bodies and souls through the opposition of an educational institution called school.
and how did I become one of the forces doing the dragging?
and still, how do we learn to Show Up if there are not consequences?
and who is in charge of creating consequences if not me?
and how do we learn to ask for what we want if not by hanging out with folks who are open and trying to help you get what you need if only you can figure out how to ask?
and sometimes, no matter what, we would all just rather be doing something else.
and how much of that is a habit?

a : an act or instance of resisting : opposition b : a means of resisting
: the power or capacity to resist: as a : the inherent ability of an organism to resist harmful influences (as disease, toxic agents, or infection) b : the capacity of a species or strain of microorganism to survive exposure to a toxic agent (as a drug) formerly effective against it
: an opposing or retarding force
a : the opposition offered by a body or substance to the passage through it of a steady electric current b : a source of resistance
: a psychological defense mechanism wherein a patient rejects, denies, or otherwise opposes the therapeutic efforts of a psychotherapist
often capitalized : an underground organization of a conquered or nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators

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