another spring day

There are now a whole section of daffodils in bloom.
And the apricot blossoming continues, but it is forecast to freeze tonight. We hung up some Christmas lights in one of the trees, I’ll report later if it works.
The wind is strong today.


In yoga class this morning I came into contact with the heartbreaking reality of our subtle aggression towards our bodies. My subtle aggression. We’re doing it constantly – wanting our bodies to be something other than they are right now. And while there is nothing wrong with the desire to be stronger, more flexible, more. . . whatever, it can easily turn into aggression. Of course this habit is fueled by the media and the culture and the ego’s desire to stay in control. Of course you want to be comfortable in your body, but notice what happens when you’re not and how subtly aggressive you can be.

The way to step off this roller coaster is just to stop. Here. Now. Listen. Notice. Pay attention. This body. Not some hypothetical other body, this one. What does your body want to eat? How does your body want to move? Is it time to rest? The body lives in the present moment, so tuning into the body is a simple way to bring yourself into the present moment. Healing happens here. Peace happens here.

I love practicing yoga with the focus on being present in the body as it is. It feels so sane to me. Yes, it will get stronger, but that’s not the point. Yes, it will get more flexible, but that’s not the point. The point is self-care. Honoring the body in the moment, not waiting for that hypothetical later. The body is such an innocent willing servant.


I’m working on a song, I’ll let you know if it’s ever ready.

The bridge is this: Out of the mind, into the body. Out of the mind and just right here.


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