time to blog

Hello out there in digital land.

I am feeling the call to the blog. Though I set this up months ago, I haven’t fully engaged. And since I seem to have a bit of free time on my hands right now, with David off on his adventure (in the midwest currently) at a frame drum convention. My plan is to do a bit of writing. Here on this blog. Part of what has stumped me in the past is feeling like a need a theme, but themeless I’m going to tally forth and see if one emerges.

This morning I went to see the cranes lift off in Hart’s Basin. Ah, so beautiful.  I’m still working on my poem, so I’ll share it with you soon. Here’s the website if you’d like to keep up to date on the cranes: http://www.eckertcranedays.com/counts.html

I’ve been finding myself tallying the blossoms this spring in my head to gauge where we are at in the continuum of spring. . . I will share the counts so far we have:
2 calendula blossoms in the cold-frame
crocus bloomed and gone
1 daffodil
forsythia – half blossomed on one bush
buffalo berry blossoming and the bees are psyched
several dandelions

Right now is the time to dig up the dandelions and make roasted dandelion root tea if you have the inclination, it’s great for the liver and spring cleansing. Dig them up, chop off the tops, wash the roots, chop them (or shred in food processor), let dry. Put in oven on cookie sheet for a few minutes until they smell and look toasted. Cool. Store. Brew with hot water (and a little honey).

I’ve been playing the drum-set a little the past several days, I don’t have much stamina, but it is fun and totally absorbing. I’m excited to be teaching frame drum classes in April. So amazing to feel my journey from non-musician to musician and in my 30’s too.

Well, I’m off to go fix the radio flyer wagon I got at a yard-sale today. It needs some cleaning, sanding and painting to prevent rusting.

And I’m off to be gentle, ’cause this having 5 weeks in the house alone has left me surprisingly tender. Or maybe it’s the spring. Or maybe it’s thoughts of the future. Or maybe it’s just what’s happening.


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