the dark night



dark night

not to be missed

we so look forward to celebrating with you on the day before the solstice – the darkest of nights – on a full moon in December.

a multi-media experience with live music, stories, slide show, lights and dj dance set to end the night.

we recommend getting your tickets in advance. . .

check out the collaborators websites:

Craig Childs

Dj Smyth

Sticky Mulligan

Aaron Jerad

Russ Chapman











and here is a picture of our set-up the last time we performed with Craig, in Moab:

percussion toys

Arlyn and David


One thought on “the dark night

  1. Hey Arlyn,
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed watching and hearing you perform on percussion during the recent Feast/Christmas concert in Montrose. Your smile was radiant. How much fun to play those cymbals and tinkery chimes! ( I’ve always wanted to do that. You Go Girl!!!! Susan

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