Lord Christ,

You have no body on earth but ours,
No hands but ours,
No feet but ours.

Ours are the eyes through which your compassion
Must look out on the world.

Ours are the feet by which you may still
Go about doing good.

Ours are the hands with which
You bless people now.

Bless our minds and bodies,
That we may be a blessing to others.


St. Teresa of Avila

the dark night

dark night



dark night

not to be missed

we so look forward to celebrating with you on the day before the solstice – the darkest of nights – on a full moon in December.

a multi-media experience with live music, stories, slide show, lights and dj dance set to end the night.

we recommend getting your tickets in advance. . .

check out the collaborators websites:

Craig Childs

Dj Smyth

Sticky Mulligan

Aaron Jerad

Russ Chapman











and here is a picture of our set-up the last time we performed with Craig, in Moab:

percussion toys

Arlyn and David

on the road

it was a fun and exciting weekend to be on the road with David and the Mientka’s for the holiday show last weekend.

backstage in Montrose

make the season bright

such talent

I learned so much by getting to play the auxiliary percussion line.

for my next trick. . . . .