hmmm. . . .

the question today is about personality and range.
and about decision making.

and control?

so there is free will.
or at least there is something close enough to free will that we all need to act like there is free will because the alternative starts to get mindbending until we are clear enough that we no longer have free will (but that’s a different conversation because it’s not my experience.)

my experience is that we have free will.

we as humans get to choose what we do, overall, to some degree about how we feel and entirely about whether or not we want to stay present to our experience or not (though the whole addiction thing is tricky terrain).

all that aside. . .

what I want to know is why does truth feel like two very different things sometimes inside me.

I want this and I also want this, but I can’t see a way to have them both.

Maybe it goes back again to that pesky limited imagination thing.

I feel like I’m living inside the personality of both an introvert and an extrovert and they keep playing tug of war with my life.

We’ll see if they can come to a compromise or if one side will win.


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