I realize that I haven’t quite discovered what it is that I want this blog to be, so please bear with me as I figure this out. I think it’s going to have to be a fairly broad sort of a thing, as that is how my interests run.

For example today I:

-had home grown millet cereal for breakfast
-cleaned off the drying racks in the living room and organized the home grown/dried herbs and spices. they are now all lined up in the kitchen – it makes me want to drink tea and make salves.
-helped pick out little bits of blue glove from the millet that I had accidentally gotten into said millet yesterday
-helped plant garlic at my parents house and discussed permaculture and design principles and how to teach them to high school students
-ate a quick lunch with fresh tomato and red pepper (and other less fresh items like corn chips and canned beans)
-worked on the computer and got the “Barefoot Truth” album so I could play them on the radio
-mixed up a batch of mud/sand/cattails to fill in some spots on the garage (think adobe plastering)
-helped my brother take down the tipi for the winter
-drove to get carpet for the drum-room. drove the carpet home
-got a friend who’d gotten stranded at the car repair place
-dined with a friend and helped her wash dishes while discussing life, the universe and everything
-back home to do some knitting and writing and maybe watch a movie or something before bed and then doing something mostly different in the morning.

from this list I think that this blog could be about:
homesteading (though I’m still such a student)
medicinal herbs (though I’m still such a student)
music (perhaps)
art/creativity/poetry/knitting/cooking (yes)
attempting to live a truthful life as a 30 something year old human on a very troubled planet (hmmm)

maybe it’s much like my life and I’m very interested in finding the boundaries, the perimeters and really it’s just this life and it will be what it is and it’s not up to me to define it.

I guess we’ll see.


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