and there is the quiet focusing inward.

the looking back at the words to catch, to capture, to touch, hold, reveal – images, emotions thoughts.

this one life. this one fleeting precious existence that is flowing through.
flowing through this life, this noticing.

And its infinite and complex and somewhere there is a soul – somewhere there is a something – the guiding principle. The guiding force that asks me –

what do you want to do with your life and how are you spending your days?

But it also says:

This here now is all there is.
This here now is what we have and if you’re worried about later you will miss it.

one step beyond – one step behind. Stay here. Stay here.

and there is so much I want to do. to be. to love.

this could be the happiest day of the happiest hour and how would I know to look at it – how would I recognize that happiness. Can I remind myself to remember that?


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